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안녕하세요. 콘플레이어입니다.
오늘 콘플레이어가 v1.0.2.5로 업데이트가 되었지요?
아직 안 하신 분은 콘플레이어 실행하신 후 업데이트를 진행해 주시거나, 여기 홈페이지에서 설치 파일을 받으신 후 삭제 후 재설치를 하시면 새로운 버전의 콘플레이어를 이용하실 수 있어요.
There is a new feature in this update.
Previously, you could only download videos from YouTube, but now you can download your voice files to mp3.
방법은 영상 받는 것과 동일한데요 한번 살펴 볼까요?

Youtube mp3 download
Youtube mp3 download

Click the changed download icon on the top right side of the page to access the video you want to download as same as the previous one through the cornplayer’s Youtube page.

Then, as shown in the picture above, the video / MP3 download menu appears. When you click the MP3 download button, the black download window pops up as when downloading the video.
In the case of MP3, since the capacity is smaller than that of the video file, the downloading is completed soon, and the window may disappear.
If you see the download folder in that state, the following appears.

For example, I got Under Pressure of Queen.
You can see two files in the download folder like the red box in the picture above.
I received a download, but the conversion process is in progress.
If you wait a little, it will be completed and there will be only one music file as shown below.
If you run it as a cornplayer, you can see that the music plays.

There are many good videos on YouTube but there are many good sound contents. It would be nice to download and listen to good stories and music through CornPlayer.
Please use a lot of cornplayers.

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